19 April 2017

Seraphine (2009)

I encountered this trailer for Seraphine while watching the DVD of A Man Called Ove and decided to give it a try.  Here's the blurb:
Based on a true story, SÉRAPHINE centers on Séraphine de Senlis (Moreau), a simple and profoundly devout housekeeper whose brilliantly colorful canvases adorn some of the most famous galleries in the world. German art critic and collector Wilhelm Uhde (The Lives of Others Ulrich Tukur) - the first Picasso buyer and champion of naïve primitive painter Le Douanier Rousseau - discovers her paintings while she is working for him as a maid in the beautiful countryside of Senlis near Paris. A moving and unexpected relationship develops between the avant-garde art dealer and the visionary outsider artist. Martin Provost's fictionalized and poignant portrait of Séraphine is a testament to creativity and the resilience of one womans spirit.
That's an accurate summary.  It's not a cheerful movie, but it is extremely well acted and filmed, scoring 89% on Rotten Tomatoes; it received these César Awards in 2009:
If you can't find the DVD at your library, the full movie is online here.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation(s). I need to check out "Ove" too. Seraphine is such a beautiful name.

    BTW, my wife's last name is Serafini, which she kept instead of taking mine. I've considered changing my name to hers many times. It's beautiful.

    Only drawback is that when people ask her last name, they think she's saying "Sara Fini" or first AND last name.

  2. Low key but interesting flick on "outsider artist" of yore.

  3. Thanks for bringing the movie to my attention. I enjoyed it so much. Loved Yolande bathing in the stream. The movie didn't have to have that, Ms. Moreau didn't need to do it, but it was beautiful.


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