10 April 2017

"Am I in the Twilight Zone?"

In Louisville, a defendant was brought before the court not wearing any pants, and not having received any feminine hygiene products during her three-day incarceration.  This Reddit comment is appropriate:
That judge was amazing.

A good judge would have done what she did in terms of sentencing her to time served and releasing her.

This judge apologized on behalf of the correction system, and reprimanded the superiors of the people responsible, in front of the defendant.

When I think of what a judge should be, this woman is exactly that. An autonomous, unbiased, upholder of justice. Someone who after seeing thousands and thousands of real criminals, can still be outraged by injustice coming from the other side.


  1. What the hell is the matter with people?

  2. The very opposite of... Gorsuch- who goes exactly by the book when it is at the expense of the common man.

  3. Is crying enough? Where is the country I was promised as a child? This is our fault ~ we, the people, right?

  4. Is this the same judge that brought a man and his girlfriend together in court so that he could see his child before he was taken to jail? Her approach, and her appearance are familiar. If so, I have gained even more admiration for her humanity.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmrct5sW1IA
    It is the same judge. This woman does extraordinary things in ordinary time, and brings humanity into the court for people who have been denied it, even if it was at least partly by their own choices.

  6. Her name is Judge Amber Wolf.

  7. True Neutral alignment at its best. This judge balances ethics, morality, and legality perfectly, as a judge is supposed to do.


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