27 September 2010

Sick humor

Found at American White Boy, via When You Get to the Heart Use Knife and Fork.


  1. You have a dark sense of humor yourself. Now I wish I knew if this kid is alive. Your one link didn't say and the other wasn't working when I checked. In fact, I wish I'd never read that.

  2. The punch line has been on the Internet since at least 2004, according to a quick Google search.

  3. Is that an advil advert? The generics work just as well.

    20 will NOT kill you unless you have severely impaired liver function, too. I feel like punching this kid's parents. They taught him nothing but attentionwhoring.

  4. It's just another post from 4chan. I wouldn't take it seriously. Everyday someone posts something like that, just so they can get a lot of people to write in their thread. That's probably not even a picture of the kid who posted the thread. That's usually the PG material on the site as well.


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