26 September 2010

A scene from ‘The Last of the Mohicans’

I really love the idyllic landscapes of Romantic artists, including the Hudson River School and the others portraying the aboriginal Western scenery.

This painting by Thomas Cole, via Miss Folly.


  1. Paramount Pictures mountain...over there(?)
    Steven Spielberg loves that mountain.

  2. Binho, this from Wikipedia:

    The distinctively pyramidal Paramount mountain has been the company's logo since its inception and is the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo. The logo appeared at the start of many cartoons. Legend has it that the mountain is based on a doodle made by W. W. Hodkinson during a meeting with Adolph Zukor. It is said to be based on the memories of his childhood in Utah. Some claim that Utah's Ben Lomond is the mountain Hodkinson doodled, and that Peru's Artesonraju[31] is the mountain in the live-action logo.

  3. I've heard others claim that Yosemite's Mt. Clark is the inspiration for the Paramount Logo.


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