27 September 2010

Centipede vs. bat

(Giant) centipede wins.  Narrated by Attenborough.  Via Kottke.

Previously at TYWKIWDBI:  Giant centipede on a human arm, and giant centipede killing a snake.


  1. Wow. Talk about intelligent design...

  2. I wouldn't watch this if you paid me a large amount of money. I don't like nightmares.

  3. I'm particularly fascinated as I encountered a giant desert centipede on my porch here in Arizona. Indeed, it was snake-like in size, at least eight inches with bright coloring. A few photographs and I was off to read on the internet what it ate.

    Rodents, apparently. To see one hunt a bat was surprising.

    I love your blog. You remind us of the wonder in the world.


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