24 September 2010

Impressive gold "nugget"

"German prospector Bernhard Otto Holtermann with a mass of nearly all solid gold, Hill End, New South Wales, 1872.  The gold weighed 630lb & valued at 12,000 pounds."
Would be worth a lot more today.

Found at The Fighting Temeraire, or Everything 19th Century.


  1. With gold reaching $1300US an ounce yesterday, that would put the value of that rock at over $13M!

  2. My grandmother was the daughter of a Hill End miner; if only, if only! Sadly my great-grandfather was not fortunate enough to discover even a tiny nugget, but Nan did tell us wonderful stories of all the families and what she could recollect of her childhood there in the early 1900s.

    It was a nice feeling to recognise the picture as the Holtermann nugget right away, like seeing a little piece of my history right here on your site!


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