14 September 2010

American jobs program, energy policy, and education plan

For this post I've done something that I think is ethically improper, though perhaps not strictly illegal. Credit for the cartoon above goes to Bill Schorr of United Media. His original creation had the letters "G.O.P." above each of the headings above the figures. My own view is that the Democrats have become equally culpable in each of these travesties, so I cropped the cartoon before embedding it.

The original is here.  Please don't repost my revision.


  1. I can see the cartoonist point. The Bush wars have made any money for domestic programs pretty hard to come by, but that's always kind of been the GOP way of operating because, basically, they pretty much hate domestic spending.

  2. By 2006 under Bush the the U.S. Department of Education spending on elementary and secondary education nearly 40 percent.
    Annual Title I spending to assist disadvantaged children grew by 45 percent.
    Federal spending on Pell Grants went up over 40%

    Now of course this was before the Democrats took over congress. I'm also sure the current Republicans are pretending to be larger tightwads then they have ever actually been in exercising policy.
    The people in government love spending our money and will spend it wherever they can as it gives them more power.

  3. Minnesotastan- that just wasn't right, as you well admit. I think you could've made your point just as well, without neutering the artist's original creation.

    I too believe that they're two sides of the same coin, that said the spineless Dems didn't throw away our surplus into starting one completely unnecessary war and diverting our attention from a questionable nother.

  4. Indeed what did America gain from Launching war campaigns in Afghanistan & IRAQ, they were hardly able to do any justice to the people of those nations & spent large chunk of tax payers money on war.

  5. Most, but not all, Dems caved on the Iraq war (DFL, isn't that a Minnesota thing?), but Bush is responsible for our being in Iraq and having no goal or timeline in Afghanistan. It's not fair to equate the 2 parties. Obama did not support the Iraq war as a candidate for the Senate and did not seek war.

  6. Anon, you're right about the "DFL" - I didn't realize I was being so parochial. Fixed. Tx.

  7. We know that the economy of 3rd Reich also ran on a military spending and arms build-up, but it would be interesting to what degree or percentage todays US compares. Also what would be an acceptable or proportionate amount of military spending for for a superpower.


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