21 September 2010

How to use "reply all" to get off a spam mailing list

The person who sent the reply makes this point, to emphasize that he wasn't being arbitrarily malicious:
"I got on their spam list by buying a car. I asked several times to be removed from the list, and I was very polite about it. But they ignored me. It was easy enough to filter their mail directly into my junk folder, but on some deep psychological level it bothered me that they ignored my requests to get off of their list.

This is the message that finally made it happen. The message I replied to here was the last message I ever got from them."


  1. If only! But I don't think this would work for me. I am having trouble with ourhomepage which keeps showing up. I have emailed them and requested they remove their homepage, but to no avail. I have no idea how to get rid of it!

  2. Hi Stan,
    I've tried everything and I still can't read the message that the post is all about. I'm using a typical monitor with good resolution but the picture in your post is too small and blowing it up just makes it fuzzy.

  3. Bill, many of the photos in this blog are JPEG-compressed to save space so I can get my photohosting for free.

    So when you "blow it up", don't just magnify it with a key command such as option+command+(plus) key, because then it will be fuzzy.

    Instead, always click on the picture itself to reveal the larger image.

    If that doesn't work for you, go to the link in the post (Reddit thread in this case) and look at the top for another link, which should take you to the original image.


  4. Clever idea to reply all with a snarky message. I do wish that the author would be more clear about what he finds morally not ok and “a lapse of judgment”, the homosexual nature of their insinuated sexual encounter or the fact he cheated on his wife. Sorry to be knit picky, but homophobia is not funny.


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