24 September 2010

(Not a) drug checkpoint

"Freeway signs warning of upcoming drug checkpoints are actually a ruse: the local sheriff sets up a checkpoint at the next offramp and searches panicky motorists who pull off to ditch their stashes. An accompanying map on the original post gives the locations of similar checkpoints all over the USA, and warns, "if you see one of these signs, don't fucking exit.""
Found at 420 Tribune, which discusses the ethics and legality of such ruses and searches.   Via Boing Boing.


  1. Way to promote illegal activity, dipshit.

  2. Ironically, if the police are to set up random drug or alcohol checkpoints, they must do so in such a way to allow people to circumvent them. Though typically, they give very little time to change course, the must do so, legally.

  3. Hmmmmm. Nathan says that legally they must setup checkpoints in such a way as to allow people to circumvent them. I'm trying to picture whether that was so for us a year or so ago. We got stopped in a very elaborate DUI checkpoint. The road was blocked off with traffic diverted into a large shopping center parking lot. Huge spotlights shined down, cops were everywhere. I'd never seen anything like it before. There was something about it that left me feeling uneasy. I'm all for DUI checkpoints, but this one seemed to tread a little on my civil rights. I got it all on video, because it was so outrageous.

  4. I think someone should boil up some pot leaf in a large amt. of water, fill up a super soaker squirt gun and park a mile or so up stream of a check point that is using a dog, actually an overpass might be better, and proceed to scent every car on the highway. Or take a smaller squirt gun to an airport and scent everyones luggage, backpacks and even the planters around the lobby.

    1. Why? Just to create a hassle for other people? What would that gain?

  5. Scooter dipshit:

    Drugs should be made legal, and then the Declaration of Independence's call to "thee Pursuit of Happiness" can mean something. Having a religio-cult on the right tell the rest of us what to do with our happiness is a bunch of bullshit. It didn't work for alcohol, and it doesn't work for drugs.

    Would you not drink, if alcohol were made illegal again? You might not, but I can tell you that 200 million others would. And would you want them all arrested for having bottles of Miller Lite (made in Canada) or Corona (made in Mexico) in their cars?

    Leaders from Bill Buckley on the far right to Mexican ex-President Vicente Fox (and many, many more) have argued for legalizing drugs. The War on Drugs has never worked and will never work. People will always use drugs. It is their right to do with their bodies what they will.

    They will injure others because they are stoned? Tell all those who live with alkies about that, and those still killed or injured by drunk drivers. Driving while under the influence is a different issue. Possession in itself is not driving while under the influence.

    The "illegal activity" you want to proscribe is as common as eating eggs for breakfast. If they ban eggs, will you be calling us all "dipshit" for eating them? Or keeping chickens?

    If they outlaw User IDs online and require us to post our full names, will you still hide behind your ID?

    Steve Garcia


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