15 August 2008

A surprising news segment from FOX news

FOX News broadcast a brief interview of a 12-year-old California girl who was visiting relatives in South Ossetia when the conflict broke out. Probably to the surprise of the newscaster, the little girl places the blame on the Georgians (my partial transcript in case this gets pulled):
"I was running from Georgian troops bombing our city, not Russian troops. I want to say thank you to the Russian troops."
The girl's aunt then adds the following:
"I want you to know whom to blame. Mr. Saakashvili started this war and is the aggressor, and in two days 2000 of my Ossetian people were killed... I don't blame the Georgian people, just Mr. Saakashvili..."
I have to give FOX anchor Shepherd Smith credit; although he interrupted the older lady's statement, he did return to her to let her complete her declaration, even though her statement is quite contrary to the party line about who is responsible for this war.

Addendum: More on this story in a Russia Today video at You Tube, including the interesting note that the aunt is not Russian - her mother is Georgian and her father South Ossetian.

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