17 August 2008

Homework for Grownups

English and science questions were in the Telegraph yesterday. Among the more interesting and/or difficult ones:

1. What do these words have in common? Chimney; different; justice; luggage; monster; month; orange; pint; pizza; hospital; dictionary; promise; purple; silver; value; wasp; obvious; circus; galaxy; almond

12. Underline the use of litotes in the following sentence: I was not overjoyed to hear that the light of my life, my innocent, fresh-faced 16-year-old daughter, was with child.

13. What is a hapax legomenon?

14. What is special about the following words: quack; bang; miaow; slither; click; slurp.

Answers at today's article, along with History, Classics and Home Economics questions.

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