25 August 2008

Journal of the cybership TYWKIWDBI


August 25, 2008 (Terra norm)

Eight months into our maiden voyage, dual tragedy has struck. Our desktop HAL has become inaccessible, and attempts to employ the backup laptop reveal that batteries are nearly depleted, and some Nefarious Force has absconded with the A/C adaptor or rendered it invisible.

Laptop power fading fast. Sadly, returning from the State Fair, I was just about to report interesting observations about the earlobes of chickens.

"Scotty - can you get me any more power??"
"Nae, Cap'n. She's running on fumes!!!"

Will dispatch Exploration Team to nearest Urban Center to search for outdated iBook A/C adaptor. Memo to self: have expendable team member wear red shirt.

Captain signing off...

1 comment:

  1. Captain! Over here! I've found something! ARGGGGGGHHHHHHH....


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