31 August 2008

Evangelical FAIL

In the video above, Stuart Shepard from James Dobson's Focus on the Family encouraged fellow evangelicals to pray for rain to interfere with the Democratic convention in Denver last week. He wanted torrential rain to fall on the stadium the night of Obama's historic speech.

"If God decides that rain of Biblical proportions would be a good and proper meteorological condition for that evening, then we'll see it, and we'll say that it is good..."

God apparently listened, made up His own mind, and decided to send a hurricane... during the Republican convention.


  1. Wow! And these people are allowed to vote in America? No wonder our country is flying into the crapper!

  2. A hurricane for the Republican convention...an opportunity for Republican Governor Bobby Jindal to demonstrate how emergency management SHOULD be done. Of course, realistically after Katrina, it wouldn't have mattered whether it was a Democrat or Republican in office. They would have busted their butts to make sure everything went smoothly.

    Sigh...I guess we have some loons on the right too. I wish people could just debate the issues instead of being so vindictive. Praying for rain is cowardice. It says you can't face the issues with logic.

  3. Wrong? Nope.
    Mmm yes im afraid so...

  4. What a jacka$$ !! Wouldn't you know he works for James Dobson.


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