06 August 2008

Curse of the "Dark Knight" ??

A man is beheaded while riding the bus in Canada. That reportedly happened while the passengers were watching a Zorro movie, which was a sequel to another Zorro movie in which there was a beheading. A man in Greece beheaded his girlfriend. And there have been a couple others recently.

The Copycat Effect blog notes that these beheadings were preceded by a Batman-related one in Texas, when a young man entered a restricted area at Six Flags (to retrieve his hat) and was beheaded by the Batman roller-coaster.

Now link those to the postulated curse of the Dark Knight Batman movie - Heath Ledger dead, Christian Bale arrested, and Morgan Freeman injured in a car crash, not to mention the stunt man who died during production of the movie.

Then, to add to the string of coincidences, the image above shows the Joker displaying his calling card - a Joker holding a decapitated head. That image was copied from Entertainment Weekly but apparently edited out of the movie trailer itself.

For more movie "curses," see the Copycat Effect blog entry.

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