22 March 2020

Reconsidering "unskilled workers"

Via her Twitter thread.


  1. I have seen several Facebook posts about how celebrities and athletes are now having their value seen in terms of what is truly necessary. Farmers, truck drivers, ranchers, grocers, and the such are the TRUE heroes and backbone of America.

    We can live without football or movies (even though we wouldn't want to), but we would be in really, really bad shape if these "backbone" workers weren't in place.

    At the same time, perhaps there is some deep human need for leisure and distraction, brought to us by athletes and celebrities?

  2. sports and movies ... two occupations that we don't need ... they are just entertainers ... dancing monkeys ...

  3. Isn't there a big difference between skilled and essential?

    1. Come to my warehouse. Do my job for a day. Then tell me it's not skilled labor. Maybe you don't intend to sound arrogant, but you do. Your elitism and privilege are showing.


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