31 March 2020

Corinthian helmet that had the warrior's skull inside

From the battle of Marathon. Via Reddit.


  1. I'm sorry, this is a Myrmidon helmet. I saw Brad Pitt wearing one just like it in the movie "Troy." And you know that movie is 100% historically accurate!

    1. Kolo, I just looked up who were the guys fighting against Troy. I'm an AMERICAN history teacher; I must rely upon the accuracy of fictional movies for the rest! (SMILE). Hope you are staying well, friend.

  2. In /Elementary/, Sherlock describes a man as the myrmidon of a wealthy pervert. I just looked it up, and it is actually the same word. In Vocabulary.com: "A myrmidon is someone who will do whatever you say. A schoolyard bully often has a myrmidon for a best friend --someone who is sure to never point out that it's wrong to hassle other kids... The word originated with the Greek Myrmidones, the followers of Achilles during the Trojan War, who were said to have been transformed into men from ants, which in Greek is myrmex."

  3. I saw something similar on Twitter today, “Medieval skull fused with (chain)mail...”



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