22 March 2020

Aggressive dog breeds

Chuckleworthy.  Credit to Hayley Cakes and Cookies.


  1. When teaching American history, I tell my students that America had to find the balance between a "pit bull" Constitution and a "Chihuahua" constitution. That is, one is strong enough to protect you, but also strong enough to hurt you; while the other is not strong enough to hurt you, but is also not strong enough to protect you.

    If the concern is not over "aggression," but over the potential damage done if you are attacked, I'll chose a Chihuahua over a pit bull any day.

  2. I love seeing all the cookies that HayleyCakes and Cookies make! They're all hilarious like this! I follow her on facebook and love it when they show up on my feed, lol!

    1. Heather, thanks for the source info. I've changed the notation in the post from a via to a proper credit.

      And they do have some interesting stuff.


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