18 March 2020

Cybersecurity risks resulting from the coronavirus

I don't have a link for this, because it's from an interview I heard on Bloomberg with a former head of the Department of Homeland Security.  He noted that the risks for a conventional terrorist attack are now markedly decreased, because people are no longer gathering in stadiums, auditoriums, and conventions.

But the risk for a cyberattack have multiplied greatly.  More and more business is now being conducted online rather than face-to-face, and notably many businesses are asking their employees to work from home.  To the extent this working from home involves accessing business computers from home computers, it opens up many more potential ports of entry for hackers to access vital databases.  Obviously many home computers don't have firewalls in place that a business would have.

A quick search of the 'net this afternoon yielded one recent article in ZDNet: Roundup: Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic delivers array of cybersecurity challenges.  Lots of sublinks there.

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  1. They want our scientific data too:



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