31 March 2020

Comfort food in a pandemic

Cookies and doughnuts honoring Dr. Fauci are now available.  The image is from a Wisconsin bake shop, but the products are being sold nationwide by various bakeries.
Owner Mike Vande Walle told WLUK he saw a New York bakery having success by putting Fauci’s face on doughnuts and thought it would be a huge hit in Northeast Wisconsin — a way of saying thank you for keeping Americans informed during this unprecedented time.

“I thought whoa, that’s a good idea because everyone can really connect with the guy, you know?” said Vande Walle. “He’s honest, straightforward — and so we started doing the cookies this morning, and we sold several hundred already today, and people are just swarming in, but I think everyone can connect with the guy, is why the cookies are popular,” Vande Walle said.


  1. Upstate NYer here- local doughnut shop @donutsdelite is doing the same.

  2. And not a trace of irony about "people swarming in" during the very pandemic that Dr. Fauci is desperately trying to mitigate by telling people not to go shopping. There truly is no cure for stupidity.


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