22 March 2020

Delilah didn't cut Samson's hair

I misremembered my Bible history - and so have many artists and film directors.  The actual cutter of the hair was an unnamed Philistine man (‘And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head.’) (Judges 16:19). 

Image of Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature via.


  1. but the mis-remembered version is so much more, romantic? and think of all those blues songs that would have to be re-written.


  2. I love these little nuggets in scripture that get overlooked in preaching, etc. For instance....

    Goliath had come out and challenged Israel twice a day for forty days. Then David showed up.

    We often hear of Jesus being given 39 lashes. This is not in the Bible. Yes, the JEWS were only to give 39 lashes, but his scourging did not come from the Jews, but from the Romans.

    I hear often of the "Book of Revelations." It's not plural.

    The movies depict Moses stretching out his rod and the waters parting. Well, after he stretched out the rod, it was all that night that the winds blew.

    We are told not to lie. But the Hebrew midwives that refused to kill male children absolutely lied--and God blessed them!

    The High Priest Aaron was not permitted to go into the Promised Land for the same reason that Moses wasn't.

    God never told David to build Him a temple. It was simply David's devotion to God. In fact, God asked, "When have I ever asked anyone for this?" In so many words, God says, "You're going to build Me a house? No! I'm going to build YOU a house," and by that He meant an everlasting kingdom.


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