13 November 2019

Highly recommended

Etiquette has to change with the times; social behaviors that were standard even one generation ago may be totally inappropriate nowadays.  And so it was that Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, was encouraged by her family to create etiquette guidelines for a cannabis-tolerant society.  As she notes in an introductory chapter:
"In Oregon, I watched as a friend tossed a half-smoked joint that had gone out into the garbage.  "What are you doing?" I shrieked.  "I'm so sorry," he said.  "I just figured we'd roll another."  I had to laugh... Many folks who live legal liken offering saved bowls and roaches (the ends of blunts, spliffs, and joints) to offering someone half a can of beer, the rest of their cocktail, or their leftover food."
I grew up in the "prohibition" era, so for me there was a lot of useful information in the book.  Inserted below are screencaps of some sample pages:

There are sections on edibles and drinkables, and of course how to be a considerate guest (or a host) of a party, what to expect at a dispensary, how to behave at a cannabis-friendly bed-and-breakfast (a "bud-and-breakfast"), or at a "lit on lit" book club, or on a "weedcation."

I found the book in our local library system (and Wisconsin is not a 420-friendly state) (yet...)


  1. IDK, making it legal means taking the livelihood away from many people, from the evil mastermind down to the guy on the street corner looking all furtive.
    I feel it timely to remind America of what happened when the powers that be foolishly repealed the prohibition laws sometime back in the 1930s, all of a sudden all the gangsters were out of work and the government reaped 'plenty big' taxes from the suddenly very wealthy alcohol companies.
    Do you really want that scenario again ?
    (here I insert a smiley face icon to attest to my tongue in cheek attitude)

  2. For some reason, reading this reminds me of the movie Airplane, when the actress who played Beaver's Mom spoke "jive."

  3. I am 100% behind legalizing cannabis, and also 100% behind having proper etiquette regarding its use. I don't care if you smoke it, eat it, whatever. Just please, for the sake of my nose, don't do it around me. It smells like week-old roadkill skunk. And as a Midwesterner by birth, I have in fact smelled week-old roadkill skunk.


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