23 November 2019

Divertimento #170

I really need to do a general linkfest, but these gifs are easier to dispose of with single sentences.  Found these in the past month...
Dust on a bus seat.
Peeling a pineapple and removing its nipples.
Mind-numbing work.
Brazen theft of a iPad.
Mother beats child in elevator [warning: not safe for life]
An engagement ring crafted out of nail clippings.
Something to do next time it snows.
Bizarre nail art.
Nut harvest (almonds, IIRC)
Oddly satisfying shadow movement on a pair of escalators.

Nature and Science
Time lapse of a blizzard.
Phytoplankton bioluminescence in the Maldives.
The orbits of Venus and the Earth.
Planetary rotation rates and axial tilts.
An illustration of the "Mould effect".
Baking soda and tinfoil remove silver tarnish.
Robotic microsurgery.
Not sure how to describe this.
Halo traction for scoliosis.
Sponge pumping revealed with a bio-safe dye.
Immediate blue oxidation of a mushroom.
Visualization of a supernova.

Build a bed extension so there's room for your dog.
A veiled chameleon is born.
Two hamsters in a wheel.
Dog senses presence of fetus.
Why jaguars are at the top of the food chain.
Razor fish hides.
A deer sneezes.
Budgies like to shower.
Beluga fetches a ball.
Live webcams at Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Flame Leg Millipede.
Cormorants harvest remoras off whale sharks.
Deer vs. python (python wins).
Zebra drowning the offspring of a rival male.

Teslas have external cameras.
How not to feed the seagulls.

How to fix a detached zipper using a fork.
People (and dog) not injured when tree fell on house.
Slice a sponge before cleaning a window track.
Amazing dropkick.
Bioluminescent jellyfish Halloween costume.
Trick or treat on a rainy night.
Elaborately dyed hair.
Cutting a tangerine.
Nice parlor trick.
Cat prevents baby from falling down stairs.
Zipline ride in the Philippines.
Add engine oil by pouring with the dipstick in place.
Sandbag filler.
Moving firewood into the basement.
All of the dots move in straight lines.

Sports and Athleticism
World-record fastest 15-meter wall climbEducational video on this topic.
Winners pose for a photo on the medallion podium.

Halloween decoration gets called away.
A boy gets a dog.
Dogs and cats jump around.
Girl learns she will have a baby sister.
Tucking in your best friend at bedtime.
Homeless man gets a new jacket.  Perhaps a repost, but worth revisiting.
Daddy's home!

The embedded images are selections from a book about cat ladders in Switzerland, via Colossal.  Additional photos at the link.


  1. The shoe cake completely fooled me. I thought it was a clip showing off the sharpness of kitchen knives and I was like "Now that's unlikel-aahh I see." :)

  2. "Slice a sponge before cleaning a window track" link goes to disappearing razorfish for me.

  3. re: dust - your blankets, seat cushions, clothes (esp. fleeces) at home all have a LOT of dust.


  4. Use https://i.reddit.com/ or https://old.reddit.com/ ; it's more readable.


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