06 April 2018

'Qui ouvre une école, ferme une prison.'

The title is a quote from Victor Hugo: "Each time you open a new school, you shut down a prison."

Photo cropped for size and emphasis and brightened from the original here.


  1. Quality schools and employment- two, most cost effective ways to curtail crime and imprisonment.

  2. Good and free education should be a no-brainer from a government point of view. It's a simple investment in future tax-payers.

    Governments need tax money. Education gets people good jobs and makes people good tax payers. QED.

    This arguments works irrespective of the level of taxation that deem desirable.

  3. I've seen this meme, but I question the stats cited. Imprisonment seems to be correct, but MA and NJ are not #1 and #2 for school funding. Those regions are NY, Alaska, and DC. None of those have low imprisonment rates either.

    1. I suppose they harvested the education rankings from the US News and World Report study -



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