24 April 2018

Hotel-Restaurant Belvédère

Located "am Furkapass im Wallis, Schweiz auf 2'300 m.ü.M."   Visible in the background of the James Bond movie Goldfinger.
Truthfully, no one really knows for sure how and why it was built [in 1882]. What’s well established is that it was built right after the mountain pass was completed, probably as a lounge for people who wished to escape and enjoy the silence, or attend one of the many lavish parties held inside. So this might answer the question as to why it was built. Or maybe it was meant to be a resting place for the mountain workers, but, in no time, the charming location and what it offers in terms of isolation and excellence inspired the elite to climb the scenic road.

And then there is the Rhône glacier right next to it. Only 200 steps away, it offers a spectacular close-up view of an icy scenery like no other place on Earth. The Belvédère Hotel is raised on a rock, practically over the glacier, so the view is available right from the hotel’s balconies while guests are slurping their morning coffees. Not only that but from the 1890s onward, an ice chamber inside the glacier has been carved out, re-drilled and maintained as a walkable tunnel.   (much more info at the link)
Drone video here.

Webpage with some interesting photos (click the "Galleries" top photo on the right, then the arrows).  Satellite view and reverse view explain parking.

Global warming has caused the glacier to retreat, and a tunnel has bypassed this series of S-curves, so the hotel is closed until further notice.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I thought that this place would be here forever :(

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They switched my favorite place from a hotel with a restaurant to just a restaurant.


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