20 April 2018

Battle of the seasons

Winter and spring duking it out here in the Midwest.  A month ago I was weeding the garden and raking the yard.  Then winter returned.  Two days ago we got 7" of snow, bringing the April total to 13.5 - more than December, January, or February.

The crocuses in our front yard have been frost-bitten a couple times already.  (p.s. - my Green Bay Packer-fan neighbors haven't yet noticed that the crocuses in our front yard come up purple and gold in tribute to a different NFL team...)

Robins and other migratory birds are really suffering; many of them are ground-feeders, and unlike mammals their need for flight means they don't have large fat reserves to burn.  We and others in the area are putting out extra seed, and the birds swarm to those locations.  50-degree temps returning today, so hopefully these anomalous conditions are over.  For now.


  1. no snowdrops? you gotta have snowdrops. if you ain't got snowdrops, get some.


  2. Those early spring flowers are hardy. This was taken a couple of years ago - no harm to the flowers!

    https://skeetmotis.blogspot.com/2016/03/daffodils-in-snow.html Daffodils in the snow


  3. I think you mean Winter and Spring duking it out, not Spring and Summer. (Sorry, involuntary proofreader here)


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