18 January 2018

Vikings defeat Saints on final play of game

Brief backstory:  In a playoff game to determine which team will continue on to the conference championship game, Minnesota led New Orleans 17-0 at halftime, then fell behind 21-20.  The lead changed hands twice more.  With only 10 seconds left in the game Minnesota trailed 24-23 and were on their own 39-yard-line.

Then this happened...

(o.k. to click on the "Watch on YouTube" link that appears in order to view)

I actually didn't see this live.  I have not watched any sports live since acquiring a DVR (time is too precious to waste on commercial breaks).  Also I share the attitude of Etta in the Butch Cassidy movie ("I love you, but I won't watch you die"). 

For this game I left my desk after halftime to speed-watch the first half, then was back at my desk getting stuff done and occasionally changing tabs to peek at the ESPN summary, when this unexpectedly appeared:

Finally, after half a lifetime, something to replace the memory of the 1975 Roger Staubach-to-Drew Pearson "Hail Mary" pass and the four Super Bowl defeats.


  1. The gestapo squad of the NFL already blocked it.

    1. Yes, I know that. You have to click on their "watch on YouTube" link. I could have embedded another one but it would have disappeared soon, so this was the only way I knew how to save it for future watching.

  2. I thought of you right after the game ~ knew you'd be happy!
    That was AWESOME!!!
    I'll be rooting for them ~

    1. I laughed when one of the videos had (at the time) about 100,000 views, and someone commented "why does it show only my views and not everyones?"

  3. Just a polite correction. Dallas QB's last name is Roger Staubach.

    I am a Steelers fan, but I will be rooting for the Vikings this week. Imagine winning a Super Bowl on your home field!


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