03 January 2018

Bars per capita

"Wisconsin is third in the nation in both number of bars and bars per capita. At the county level, Wisconsin's Iron County, with one for every 240 residents, leads the nation in bars per capita."
Interactive graphic at The Cap Times.  Discussion thread at the TodayILearned subreddit.


  1. Are we talking signal-strength bars on cellphones, or are we talking watering holes? These days, one needs to be specific.


  2. Having gone to college in Indiana I'm surprised it's not one of the darker states. When the owner of a bar just one block away from the campus decided he didn't want college people--students or faculty--patronizing his establishment it wasn't hard to find another, much nicer one nearby.

  3. Is there some glitch with New Hampshire's number? There are at least 6 in Keene alone...

    1. I don't know Keene, but I see in the methods that ". It includes establishments primarily engaged in preparing and serving alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption", so bars in hotels or restaurants might not be included in the numbers.

  4. > Interactive graphic at The Cap Times.

    Annoying 'allow ads' web page mess at The Cap Times.

  5. it is interesting how this map is kind of the opposite of the bar map https://apps.urban.org/features/debt-interactive-map/ Debt in America: An Interactive Map maybe if you have a lot of bars, you have less debt?


  6. Surprised to see any in Virginia. There are (legally) no bars in Virginia. To get a liquor license, you have to be a restaurant and get more than half of your turn-over from food sales.

    This actually puts many of the new breweries and vineyards in a weird position. They can have tasting rooms, i.e. in practise bars, but they can't serve food or they'd be a restaurant. So you end up with the weird situation that there are food trucks in the parking lot. And that you can bring your own food. Or that they have an enormous collection of snacks available.....

  7. Also interesting to note the economic efficiency of cities. You couldn't identify Chicago or LA or Washington DC from this map because while cities have a large number of bars they also have large populations that make efficient use of the existing bars.


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