27 January 2018

Choir creates a thunderstorm

More about this Los Angeles choir here.


  1. standard summer camp exercise since at least the 1970s...but always interesting how effective it is. We just followed whoever was at the specified side of us, and the leader changed the action as it got back to them in the circle.

  2. Excellent. Begin eighties I had Toto in my walkman. And in may my first boy will be born from a woman I met in Cameroon. My father died there in december 2016. I remenber sitting in the plane off to family vacation in Tunisia listening to this song. I'm a long time reader of your quality blog. Blogs are so old fashioned. Facebook is crap in comparison. Belgian boy, i'm 43.

  3. hi Stan: Check out "Perpetual Jazzille-Africa" on YouTube and see practically this exact arrangement (without any taped thunder or instrumentation). This choir is great, but the arrangement is not original so if you like the clever acoustic bits, check out Perpetual Jazzily, the effect originators. Your fan, Chris

  4. How astonishingly moving to watch. I didn't know what to expect; I was fascinated with the sounds of the rain ... but then it blossomed into something much more and I saw the power of the collective and for a second I thought I glimpsed a dimension of mankind's history.
    Or maybe it was the effect of the scotch I've been imbibing. But I'm still grateful you shared this.

    1. I was cruising along until the thunder - then I jumped. I presume they were using aluminum risers.


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