06 January 2018

For puzzle enthusiasts - updated with answers

Each year the Royal Statistical Society posts a "Christmas Quiz."  The 2017 Christmas Quiz is here.

The embed above is a convenient image, but is not representative of the quiz as a whole, much of which is not "mathematical."

I've got questions 1b and 12 mostly done, and may work on some more as time permits, but I'm saving most of my energy for the pending release of the King William's College General Knowledge Quiz, which should be out any day now.  Great fun and an immense challenge.

Related: Here's a good puzzle for you (with links to the 2016 RSS quiz - and answers).

AddendumAnswers to the 2017 RSS Christmas Quiz now in the Comments.


  1. We have 1 done completely, have 5a but not the connection or insight into the title, and for 3 have all but 5 of the names and no clue yet about the math.

  2. Have finished all questions except number 2; number 5b; and have too many answers for number 9.

    5a reads "Identify the three film titles, one of which appears in (b)."
    5b reads "Which technically-minded comic book character (who’d feel at home in an earlier question) received a new name during 2008-2011 that will be a familiar term to the modern statistician?"

    Oracle would work, but the name change far predates 2008 (it was changed back in 2011), and (a) doesn't "appear" in it.

    For #9, am trying to figure out if there's a hidden pattern that would eliminate some of the extra entries we've found. Also the J from A/J we have is super-weak.

  3. Solutions from me/brother/mom:
    https://gist.github.com/mrflip/ebaa4457af4d54cd80d8894890274622 --Complete plaintext spoilers.

    https://gist.github.com/mrflip/41827af1eaffe81b3a247b0221b0476f -- no images, ROT-13 encoded

  4. 2018 version is live:

    1. Thank you, Flip. I looked at the puzzles this morning and decided to spend my time on the KWC Christmas quiz instead.



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