24 January 2018

Downhill skiing without snow

This past weekend I posted two skiing videos, one of which featured Candide Thovex.  Reader Ayoshe responded by kindly providing a link to this video .

At the end there's a reveal that this was sponsored by Audi -
"In October 2016, ‘Candide Thovex – quattro’ filmed by Simon Favier and directed by Candide won two prizes at the Top/Com Grands Prix Consumer 2016 awards held at the Congrès de la Communication Consumer (Conference on Consumer Communication) in Paris. The competition rewards the best advertisements and advertising campaigns of the year in France in a variety of categories. The film won the best ‘Publicité On Line’ (On Line Advertisement) and the Prix Spécial de l’Expression (Special Prize for Expression)"
- but before that there are four minutes of absolute awesomeness. 

Readers are invited to use the comments to identify the locations used in the filming.  I saw the United States, Iceland, the Peoples Republic of China, Mongolia, Turkey, and I think Namibia.  Others?

And I shouldn't have to remind anyone that videos like this are the reason the fullscreen icon exists on YouTube videos.  Click it during playback.


  1. Those skis he uses in the water towards the end- they're considerably thicker underneath... Are they self-propelled?

  2. the reed boat shortly before the end looks like what they use on lake titicaca, so Bolivia or Peru. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_boat

  3. All faked, right? If someone were to ski down a dune, e.g., or a rocky surface, the friction on the skis should make them catch fire.


    1. Not faked, ASAIK. If you browse some of this other videos you can see segments filmed in the dark (tunnels etc) with sparks flying off the skis. I suspect he didn't get much mileage from each pair.

    2. Skiing sand dunes is a real thing. It can actually do a nice job of refinishing a ski's rounded out base.

  4. there's another highlights reel on youtube showing him wiping out on some of the scenes in this video.


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