02 January 2018

Film adaptations

Discussed in this video:
Novel- Apocalypse Now, adaptation of Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness
Non-Fiction- Adaptation, adaptation of Susan Orleans' The Orchid Thief
Play- Throne Of Blood, adaptation of Shakespeare's MacBeth
Graphic Novel- Oldboy, adaptation of G. Tsuchiya and N. Minegishi's manga Old Boy
Misc.- O Brother Where Art Thou, adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey
Via Neatorama.


  1. Interesting that O Brother Where Art Thou is included given that the Coen brothers claim they never read The Odyssey. Although there is rampant speculation about whether that claim is another one of their jokes the film seems to owe at least as much to Sullivan's Travels as it does to Homer's work.

    1. I found this:

      “It didn’t start with that idea,” said Joel. “It started as a ‘three saps on the run’ kind of movie, and then at a certain point we looked at each other and said, ‘You know, they’re trying to get home — let’s just say this is ‘The Odyssey.’ We were thinking of it more as ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ We wanted the tag on the movie to be: ‘There’s No Place Like Home.'”

      By the time it was ready to cast, however, the directors were in full Homer mode. Nelson recalled meeting the brothers at Joel’s house before he even knew about the project. He eyed a copy of “The Odyssey” on his bookshelf. “I guess they were writing it because there was a copy of the fable’s translation — which was the new translation — and there was a Post-it on top of it and it said: Soon to be a motion picture by Joel and Ethan Coen,” the actor said.



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