27 January 2018

"Magicum" is not just a Latin word

Of course, it is a Latin word that a few will recognize:


magicus (feminine magica, neuter magicum); first/second declension
  1. magic, magical
But apparently in this modern world it has taken on a new context.
Passion Dust is the first product of it's kind. It is a small sparkleized capsule that dissolves when inserted into the vagina and releases the sweet sparkle that is Passion Dust.  Passion Dust creates what we call "magicum" which is essentially a "flavored orgasm"... Women can use the capsule without intercourse just to experience the visual fun of it. Vaginal discharge is natural so if it has to come out what's wrong with having a pretty sparkly spot rather than a sticky white one?...
More at the link to company's website.  In the Q&A the company dismisses gynecological risks by insisting that it's not dangerous for everyone.  This will not come as pleasant news to those who feel there is already too much glitter in the world.

With a tip of the blogging cap to the elves at No Such Thing As A Fish.

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  1. https://www.snopes.com/embarrass/feminine/glitter.asp


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