15 May 2017

Happy Mother's Day

It was a happy day for the American robin who built her nest under our screen porch.  For several years we've had a robin nesting under the deck, but this year another one found an unused rain barrel under the screen porch and constructed her nest (conveniently for us) at waist-high level.

Each time I've gone to the back yard for garden chores, the mother robin has left her nest and flown to a nearby tree to chirp loudly (presumably to distract me from the nest).  This morning she flew away but landed on the grass about 10-12 feet away from me and was very loud, so I looked in and saw the first egg had hatched.  I returned later in the afternoon and found the second chick had emerged.  (I could see the nest from a downstairs window, so I didn't go out and disturb her for a final photo.)

I'll return for another photo after the chicks are fledged.


  1. Unbelievable ~ "my" 3 robins are hatching as we speak!! Our nest is in a piece of burlwood hanging about 3 steps beside our front door. We put a ladder in place before the eggs were laid, as the nest is about 6ft. off the ground.
    We'll have to compare notes!

    1. Our fledglings left the nest yesterday. Amazing how fast they grow and mature.


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