19 May 2017

Divertimento #127

Blue whale vs. krill.  Whale wins.

"Free-fall lifeboat training."  Not sure, but I think these are used on open-sea oil rigs.

Traffic at a road intersection in Ethiopia.

Jaguar stalks and catches his (surprising) prey.

Very angry bird (language NSFW).  Discussed here.

Dog pulling a kid on a snow saucer.

"Combustibubbles"- but safety goggles in pocket :-( 

American patriot argues with a judge.

Just one question: is the background black or white?

NFL players' heights and weights, 1920s-1990s.

Public fountains are for looking at, not for playing on.

Jeans are "faded" with lasers.

A dog sits in a chair.

HMB while I ride in this golf cart.

Pineapple-picking teamwork.

People who have cats will understand this one.

Jaguar eating underwater.

Look!  Helicopters!  How exciting...

Mouse lemur "rocket"

Baby meets mother's identical twin for the first time.

Fun at the water park.

Fox finds a dog toy.

Why the backs of trucks have underguards.

How to use a fork to help hang a picture on a wall.

Schnauzer prevents little girl from going too deep in ocean.

Dog trained to protect his human.

"Son, I'll get your ball out of the tree..."

Chinese policeman at work.

"Power handshake" toy.

What you can do when you have claws like needles.

Exhibition table tennis rally.

"Mom, help me make a cool video!"  WCGW?

An "atomic trampoline" is impressive.

Apparently this toddler is a future ninja.

Hamster really likes his sand bath.

I would not get in this line.

Optical illusions.

Very vigorous baptism.

Windy day.

Timelapse of a bird building a nest.

Big SUVs don't mind flooded roads.

That one goth friend.

In science class, pay attention to the pendulum.

Baby's first pile of leaves.

In recognition of Syttende Mai, today's embedded pix are lantern slides of Norway: "A selection from a collection of early-20th-century lantern slides held at the Fylkesarkivet of Sogn og Fjordane, a county in the west of Norway. The slides are produced by at least two British photographers – professional photographer Samuel J. Beckett and amateur photographer P. Heywood Hadfield..."


  1. You might enjoy this blog post explaining the angry parrot's behavior: http://blog.whyanimalsdothething.com/post/160620204049/beyondthetemples-ooc-loopylittleloon The first explanation is entirely wrong, read the later one. I find the entire blog fascinating, they're one of the best science educators I've encountered.

    1. Thanks, Mel. I've added that link to the body of the post.

  2. i am reading 'traffic: why we drive the way we do' by tom vanderbilt. that ethiopian intersection seems quite safe and gets the traffic through.


  3. Thanks for the Norwegian pix. When we lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin, Syttende Mai was a big holiday, with a parade down Main Street and everything.

  4. Free-fall lifeboats are used on all vessels of a certain size. Notably seen in the film "Captain Phillips"

  5. Quick FYI: in the leopard stalking his prey clip, that's a jaguar killing a caiman. I believe this is the clip it's from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ExKqRuO-hs

    Thank you for posting these! I love the variety of interesting links.

  6. The "Windy Day" video...WOW! That was a tornado that seemingly came from nowhere. As did that person on the street.


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