23 March 2020

The Idol stone

One of the amazing rock formations at Brimham Rocks.  Good thing it's not in the United States, because some Yahoo would have tipped it over by now.


  1. "...some Yahoo would have tipped it over by now."

    And spray painted his name on it as well...

  2. I'm afraid I'm going to have to dispute that.
    While there most surely Yahoos among us they are a small minority, I've personally visited a number of sites like that balanced rock and very few have been disturbed.
    For instance check
    Big Balanced rock in Chiricahua National monument.
    The monument has, by itself, hundreds of un-ruined sites like this and there are at least dozens of sites like it around the country.

  3. Yahoos among us may be a small minority, but they do major damage. Recall the government shutdown during 2018-2019 and its effect on national parks when staffing was cut:

    "The impact on the national parks is wide-reaching. Visitors will first notice piles of trash, closed visitor centers and unusable toilets. However, it may be less noticeable the destruction of off-limit areas by people and off-roading vehicles. People are stealing artifacts from civil war battlefield parks by using metal detectors. There is concern over the impact human waste will have on long term water quality within the parks. Visitors have damaged Yellowstone hot pools, cut down trees in Joshua Tree, and fragile desert landscape at Death Valley National Park."

    As with many things in society, it only takes a few to ruin things for all.

    Quote above from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2019/01/24/national-parks-getting-trashed-vandalized-during-government-shutdown/#55ebcbb04ebf

  4. Sadly some have vandalized rocks at Brimham, not that rock formation but similar formations. They aren't immune to idiots either. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6526325/brimham-rocks-damage-yorkshire-youths-destroy/

  5. This is why we can't have nice rocks.


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