17 March 2020


Those who don't follow sports can read about Zion Williamson here.  The point is that he is a rookie on a professional basketball team and that he is offering to pay the salaries of the employees at the arena where the team plays for the next month (while the season is suspended).  Some other players have made similar moves; so far none of the team owners have done so.

Image of his Twitter feed entry via CBS News.


  1. Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks) announced yesterday that the Mavericks are going to pay hourly staff at the American Airlines Center in full for the six Mavs home games that would have taken place during the league’s 30-day moratorium on games.

    The Chicago Bulls (and Blackhawks) announced 4 days ago that they will pay all game-day workers their regular salary through the duration of the suspension of the season.

    Atlanta Hawks owner Tony Ressler announced on March 13th that all hourly employees of the team and those who work in the arena will continue to be paid for at least 30 days.

    Joe Jacob, owner of the Golden State Warriors, pledged a million dollars to help the 1500 workers employed at the Chase Center.

    The Boston Celtics ownership announced on March 13th that they will pay all part time employees in their arena.

    Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon announced on March 13th that he would provide financial assistance to employees of Bankers Life Field House for the 9 NBA games and the concerts that have been cancelled.

    Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera announced 4 days ago that he will provide game day employees regular pay for the duration of the work stoppage.

    The Miami Heat announced on March 13th that they will provide compensation to all arena employees, and hourly team employees will continue to receive full pay.

    I could go on, and also list the numerous NHL, MLB, and NFL owners/teams that doing similar things to help employees during these times.

    Even rich people seem to have a heart. Who knew?

  2. The fact that he makes enough money to actually make this offer is, itself, insane. No athlete of any kind should ever make more money than a teacher, for any reason.


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