20 June 2022

Two podcasts worth listening to

First, from This American Life, the story of The Synchronized Swimmers.
At the age of 17, competitive swimmer Lynne Cox had already accomplished a lot in the open ocean. She’d set two world records crossing the English Channel. But it wasn’t until a practice swim one morning that year in California that she did something we’d never heard of any human doing in the water. Phoebe Judge, host of the “This Is Love” podcast, tells her story. (14 minutes)
Next, part of a Radiolab episode entitled Animal Minds.  The story starts at the 5:30 mark and ends at the 17-minute mark.  It's quite memorable.  (I would suggest ignoring the subsequent interview with some animal psychologist who seems to say there's no way we can understand what a whale is thinking).


  1. Lynne Cox grew up in my home town, a few years ahead of me. She's impressed me for nearly my entire life. Dignity to spare and a fierce drive to challenge herself.

  2. Enjoyed the whale story - pretty cool, thanks.

  3. The father and daughter relationship made me wonder if they are closer to normal than I suspect.


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