24 June 2022

Data on "mass stabbings" in the U.K. and U.S.

Data assembled in response to Marjorie Taylor Greene's* assertion to a U.K. reporter that while the U.S. has mass shootings, “You have mass stabbings, lady.”  Note the chart numbers are adjusted for population size as incidents per million residents.  More info and analysis at The Washington Post.


  1. In China they do have a culture of mass stabbings at schools. Occasionally disaffected individuals will break into a grade school and kill as many kids as they can. Given the populations size, I would expect the line for China to be well below that of the UK on the article chart above.


  2. To add some further context to these numbers based on yesterdays Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision:
    2020 statistics for abortions in US vs England & Wales
    US = 408 per million
    England & Wales = 320 per million

  3. The problem with the surge in British mass stabbings was due to a confluence of social characteristics unique to the British people. Once it was explained that refusing to queue up to be stabbed wasn’t actually impolite, the stabbings per event cratered. We do still tend to RSVP to the requests however.

  4. I was looking at the same data yesterday. To be pernickety, there is a difference between "Mass Stabbings" and "Homicide by knife" (not all stabbings are fatal, most stab deaths are single events), but the comparison is fair IMHO.

  5. It's no stretch of logic to consider that, if knives were equally deadly to guns, modern wars would still be fought with blades. They are not. Why? Because guns are more efficient killing machines. Res ipsa loquitur.


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