04 June 2022

This story has a happy ending

Cassandra Ridder was crushed when her 12-year-old son Brody came home from school last week with only a few signatures in his yearbook — including his own.

“Hope you make some more friends. — Brody Ridder,” the rising seventh-grader wrote in his own yearbook, which was signed by only two classmates, two teachers and himself...
The story at the link will make your day a little brighter.


  1. When I was in school (I graduated in 1990), it was a big deal to get signatures in our yearbooks, including some who would sign upside-down or in the crack of the binding. I don't remember seeing any signatures in the yearbooks of my 2 sons. It could just be our school or their circle of friends, though.

  2. I don't think my computer was done glitching on my 1st attempt to post "Awesome post!" Great story, glad you shared it!


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