21 June 2022

Cassini's final images of Saturn


  1. Williamrocket says - At first read of the title I thought Saturn was no more.

    WilliamRocket also says - What's with the 'comment with google account if you want to ... et cetera' ? Is this just another tightening of my right to freedom on the cyber ocean ? Do I now have to be traced through Google and it's tracking machine ? Will it know if I am vaccinated or a wizard ?

    1. This is the first time you see that comment? It's been around for ages. Blogger (the provider of this blog) has been owned by Google since 2003, so yeah. Welcome to the Bigcorpocalypse.

  2. If you like Astrum, I can highly recommend this other excellent channel I ran into last week. His in-depth documentary on the Voyager program was an absolute treat to watch.


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