19 September 2021

"Waiter, I'd like some octopus-shaped pasta"

"Every year, Barilla, the world’s biggest pasta company, hosts a competition to create innovative new pastas for their 3D pasta printer. This year they received 1,300 design proposals, and are still in the midst of testing them out. But consider this past winner, Lune, a hollow moon-like sphere with crater-shaped holes for sauce to peek through...

Here’s how it works: First you download your 3D model into the printer (it’s the size of a small fridge), then load printer cartridges with semolina dough. And then you press print. The printer builds the pasta layer by layer, with a nozzle that moves along the X, Y and Z axes, spitting out the dough in a steady stream. It takes two to three minutes for the printer to make nine pieces of pasta...

Pasta is just one application for 3D printers and food. The first 3D restaurant in the world, Food Ink, is serving printed fine dining dishes like lobster-shaped pastries filled with lobster."


  1. Have you seen the videos of houses and other buildings of concrete being printed by a massive machine? Absolutely amazing!

  2. Those are fun shapes, but right away I go to thinking about how they'd hold up once cooked. I think farfalle are about as elaborate as I need.


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