26 September 2021

A heat map of superyachts

Cleverly positioned where peasants with pitchforks cannot reach them.  The Bloomberg source article provides additional information.
The 440 exhibitors at this year’s show, down from 580 in 2019, are likely wondering where the market will head in 2022. Organizers cited a 28% annual increase in yacht sales in the first quarter of 2021 after a challenging 2020. Sustainability is one of the hot topics as the industry looks to guide propulsion into a lower carbon future.
Lower carbon profile superyachts to fight climate change.  I'm trying to wrap my head around that one.


  1. Nothing to do with climate change, it's to pretend to be politically correct.

  2. Does the motivation for creating propulsion systems geared toward fewer harmful emissions really matter, so long as they are doing it? And as a bit of research will show, they are doing it. Every little bit helps...

    BTW, the world's 300 largest superyachts account for 313,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually – nearly as much as the tiny African nation of Burundi produces: 327,000 tons.

  3. Perfect example of how we get to a human extinction future.


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