19 September 2021

Breast implants and firearm injuries

"This ballistics study examines whether saline breast implants can decrease tissue penetration in firearm injuries. We hypothesize that the fluid column within a saline breast implant can alter bullet velocity and/or bullet pattern of mushrooming. The two experimental groups included saline implants with 7.4 cm projection and a no implant group. The experimental design allowed the bullet to pass-through an implant and into ballistics gel (n = 10) or into ballistics gel without passage through an implant (n = 11). Shots that passed through an implant had 20.6% decreased penetration distance when compared to shots that did not pass-through an implant; this difference was statistically significant (31.9 cm vs. 40.2 cm, p < 0.001). Implant group bullets mushroomed prior to gel entry, but the no implant group mushroomed within the gel. Bullet passage through a saline breast implant results in direct bullet velocity reduction and earlier bullet mushrooming; this causes significantly decreased ballistics gel penetration."
Abstract from an article in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.


  1. It seems like a trivial observation, that passing through a liquid slows a bullet more than air. More relevant would be whether the implant would slow a bullet more than natural breast tissue. If we add the 7.4 cm implant to the penetration depth of those shots, that yields 39.3, or less than a cm difference.

  2. Nobody tested my ceramic breast implants.

  3. What Kyle said.
    Any bullet would have a lesser effect if it has to pass through 74 millimetres of anything ... saline, silicone, salt, anything would slow it down some.
    Are they getting around to suggesting that police officers should be augmented with silicon implants ? Putting the boob in bobby, if you like.


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