10 July 2021

Where not to "get away from it all"

A photo essay at The New York Times illustrates the crowding occurring at our national parks this summer.
Hikers at Zion National Park, in Utah, have faced wait times of four hours to access certain trails. Visitors to Arches National Park, in the same state, are being turned away at the gate... Yellowstone set visitation records this May, hosting 483,159 visitors.
Above:  Mather Point at Grand Canyon National Park.  Below: Thunder Hole at Acadia.


  1. Has the Corona virus been eliminated there then ?
    I live in New Zealand, a country with a wide moat that offers great protection, but even still I plan my trips to the supermarket for the quietest times, in an effort to avoid any plague carriers.
    The idea of being in a crowd as shown above makes me shudder, lol, I may never go to a music concert or the like again.
    Reports tell of the Delta variant being found in dozens of people in Sydney, a city a scant 2,000 kilometres away across the Tasman Sea ... a brisk westerly wind could have me on my death bed !

  2. There is one rule that applies in almost every park, great or small: Walk past the first attraction/sight/view, fifteen minutes away from the nearest parking lot and you'll be nearly alone. In other words: the farther you get from the visitor center, the quieter it is. Oh, and avoid perfect weather - which is admittedly hard if you've traveled to go see a park.

    Also, just don't go on Independence Day. That's nuts.

  3. You're spot on. 100 yards from the nearest parking and you have the place to yourself.


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