06 July 2021

Northern Minnesota decor

I recently visited family up in Longville, Minnesota, and was enthralled to find this unique bit of Americana art on the wall.  It was created by a fellow who summered on Lake Winnibigoshish, which is classic "up north" fishing territory.

The underlying structure is a large piece of wonderfully distorted and wave/sand-polished driftwood, and attached to that is an array of bobbers and lures that the fellow found while beachwalking the shores of the lake.

Fishermen, click to embiggify to huge size, then see how many lures you can name.


  1. a great way to make the beach safe for walking!


  2. We find this an affront to those of us who, through no fault of our own, are sheathed in scales and dwell in water - Barb and Gil Fisher.

    And, seriously, they called a Lake Winni big o shish ?
    A bit 'under the weather' and unable to pronounce 'win the big old fish'.

  3. What in the world will hit the giant green & black rectangular lure (or whatever a 3D rectangle is called) hanging down towards the bottom?


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