22 July 2021

Housing density. And "living apart together"

Sun City, Arizona.  I presume most of those dwellings are single-family (or single person) homes.  The top comment at the via is about the nightmare of delivering pizzas.

A relevant article at The New York Times discusses "living apart together (LAT)," whereby senior citizens "partner up" without living together.
Cohabitation, for example, is more often replacing remarriage following divorce or widowhood, said Susan L. Brown, a sociologist at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

These older adults are seeking (and finding) love, emotional support and an antidote to loneliness. But many older women, in particular, fear that a romantic attachment in later life will shortly lead to full-time caregiving...

“A big attraction of LAT is to avoid the potential responsibility of being a full-time caregiver,” said Ingrid Arnet Connidis, an emerita sociology professor at Western University in London, Ontario. “Women cared for their children, parents and spouse, and want to avoid getting into these traditional gender roles.”


  1. sun city image = post abstract expressionism expressed as suburban development?


  2. The big reason to avoid marriage is reduced Social Security penalty.

  3. If you check it out on google maps Sun City's green spaces shown there, apart from being substantially less green, are all golf courses. Even in a community created to separate its residents from the Other public space is still impermissible.

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain a whole yard, and lose his own soul?

  4. As a long time Arizona resident, I have to share that about 20 years ago there was a 'scandal' in Sun City, in which our ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio got bent out of shape because so many Sun City residents were being caught "In the act" so to speak, out doors...

  5. I have noticed that many planned subdivision or campuses, etc. have a beautiful design...from the air. For on the ground, we often don't observe this or that beautiful curve as anything more than a random turn, etc.

    I realize that planners have to think about conserving space (or making the most use of it), but it would be nice if they could better take into account how the ground-level person might see the place. I dare say that an Sun City, it is observed as "house, house, house," with little knowledge of the meta design.


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