05 July 2021

Divertimento #187

[I have about a thousand links bookmarked for linkfests, but these giffests are easier to blog]

A valari appears to be an axe/boomerang
Interesting gate hinge
House Republicans vote against medals for Capitol police
A zoetrope
"Linear city" along a river

Birds enter a home via the chimney
Drone footage of a fever of rays.  And fisherman doesn't see rays
Schematic to show that an ant is a pair of walking tripods
Mother duck protects babies from a heron
Stork weeds its brood
Leopards can stand on hind legs
The Australian plague of mice
American woodcock and her chicks
Stable neck of a flying kestrel
Alligator vs. truck.  Alligator wins.

Nature and Science
Amazing amount of pollen in one tree
Green sea turtle hatchlings being released
National covid vaccination map is interactive to the county level
Iridescent "rainbow cloud"
I think mudslides are scarier than floods

Impressive or clever
Interesting game
Parking 18-wheelers on a cargo ship
How far a modern camera can zoom
Teenage girl vs. bear.  Girl wins.  An interview with the girl.
Wear brown pants for this thrill ride

Sports and athleticism
How lines are painted on a basketball court
Awesome parkour
Clever baserunning in baseball
For those who like tennis (or "tells" in general)
Fishing knot illustrated
Quarterback trick play
Long disc golf birdie on final hole of competition
Friction on a rope at a rodeo.  Relevant discussion thread.
100-meter dash recorded by cameraman

Fails and wtf
11 foot 8 inch bridge vs. 11 foot 9 inch truck.  Bridge wins.
Girl unknowingly handles lethal octopus (relevent commentary)
Stupid people get too close to a bison

Humorous or cheerful
Girl juggles six balls; brother appreciates the feat
Cat climbs stairs with its human (mute recommended)
"Beer snake" at a Cubs game

The embedded images are from an article at the Art Institute of Chicago about the Hartwell Window and Tiffany glass techniques.


  1. "Leopards can stand on high legs" ...hind legs...?

  2. Regarding "Girl juggles six balls; brother appreciates the feat." The reddit link brings a message: "Sorry, this post was removed by Reddit's spam filters.
    Reddit's automated bots frequently filter posts it thinks might be spam." The comments on that page do not appear to refer to the original video?

    Anyway, the imgur link works: https://i.imgur.com/XcDaXB7.gifv

    1. That happens all the time. I usually try to embed the gif link rather than the post link. Forgot this time. Fixed. Thanks.

  3. where i grew up, 'Painting a fake wood-grain finish' was the usual paint job on front doors. some of those guys were real artisans and would produce different types of grains on different parts of the doorway. it was great fun to watch them in their art.


  4. Great stuff as usual. Thanks!


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