24 November 2020

You may have heard of the "Diet of Worms"

This isn't the one from 1495. This is chả rươi, a popular street food in Vietnam - discussed/disgust with a video at Neatorama.


  1. Looks like someone opened up a can of worms.

  2. I know they are said to contain more protein that steak ,but i would rather starve to death .

  3. The finished product, which an omelet of sorts, looks more appetizing. Still, I am not sure I would try it.

  4. I certainly would not call a popular street food. I spent a couple of months there about 15 years ago and never came across it. Great street food in the country otherwise. The closest I came to something even remotely similar was at a reasonably upscale restaurant in Vientiane, Laos. Ant larvae soup. It was spicy and quite good once you got over the idea of what you were eating.

    1. Wikipedia said it is available only for a couple of months in the fall.

  5. I've had ant larvae omelet at a Thai restaurant. The finished omelet doesn't look so bad, I think I could convince myself to try a bite.


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