12 November 2020

Iconic image from the the Blitz (London, 1940)

"A woman sips a cup of tea after her street is struck by a German bombing raid, 1940"

And with some relevance to the current world situation.  Found at The Paris Review.


  1. I am of the understanding that The Blitz is the foundation of England's NHS, which itself is founded on the idea that the English take care of one another, because that's what it means to be English.

    In the US, we seem to have different ideas. I'd prefer not to have to wait to be bombed to see that change.

  2. My grandpa was in Italy during with the war and served alongside the British in the infantry. He always told how they would always have their tea-time no matter what was going on!

  3. British tanks famously have tea-making facilities inside.


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