22 November 2020

It's called a Pigg-O-Stat

A pediatric immobilizer for radiologic and perhaps radiotherapy procedures.  The name is not a slang term - it's the official product name.  "Stat" of course means "stationary," and I'm guessing the "pigg" comes from a development period in veterinary medicine.  Perhaps some radiology-minded reader will know more of the backstory.

Addendum:  Hat tip to "Unknown" reader for finding the answer to the above question at The Radiologic Technologist.

Please forgive me if my mind keeps seeing this as a blender...


  1. Lol, I forgive you. Largely because I have the exact same association. Hey, it's cosier in hell anyway ;)

  2. "What is the history of Pigg O Stat?

    The history of Pigg-O-Stat dates to the 1960s when Jalmer Pigg, Sr. felt the need for accurate x-ray imaging for squirming infants and children in general.

    Mr. Pigg was an x-ray technician at Memphis, Tennessee in the US.

    Prior to the invention of the Pigg-O-Stat, the default x-ray device was called Dunn positioner.

    It was a device for children that was invented by Robert G Dunn in 1952.

    Although it supported children during the x-ray imaging in a seated position, it was not the most ideal or comfortable.

    Mr. Pigg Sr. was always concerned about the fact that a child needs to be held during the x-ray procedure.

    This not only exposes the parents or the technologists holding the baby to radiation, but it also was not convenient.

    More at this link: https://theradiologictechnologist.com/pigg-o-stat-modern-marvel-or-torture-device/#What-is-the-history-of-Pigg-O-Stat

  3. That kid is way too cute to put in a blender.

  4. My kid had to be in one of these when he had bronchitis at 16 months old. He was NOT happy.


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